THE RAD ONE is longest ongoing project and something I truly love working on. I just released issue 15 which is the biggest issue yet. There are over 50 new photos in here for everyone to see/download/share.



Issue 14 of my skate zine, THE RAD ONE, came out recently. Please give it a look and share if you dig it and want to support independent skateboarding.


The one that got away

Skateboarding is a unique beast in the respect that sometimes there are photos that never see the light of day. Promises are made to go back and land the trick, but depending on the integrity of the photographer, tricks that aren’t landed aren’t run. At least we hope that’s the way people do things. That’s […]


Portfolio updated

A post to let everyone know that the portfolio page has been updated. Here Drew Etzkorn FS hurricanes a barrier at the famed KHVT DIY skatepark in St. Louis, MO. The bridge is scheduled to be demolished sometime this year and I am in the process of archiving images to remember the project. I am […]


Issue 13 of my zine: THE RAD ONE

This zine has been my main focus as of late. Skateboard photography has been my passion for a very long time and this will always be a meaningful project to me. Thirteen issues strong and many many more to come. Thank you.


the revisit

Sometimes it’s very necessary to revisit photos I’ve shot in the past. Whether it’s new techniques I’ve learned or just changes in my evolving style as a photographer I find it cathartic to reprocess old images. This is a shot from 2010 that I don’t recall ever doing much with. To induce some nostalgia for […]


Jay Fairman at Cesar Chavez

Jay was one of the first people I met when I first made the trip to Arizona in January. We both had the “midwest accent.” He moved to Tempe from Chicago just as I did from St. Louis. We could both appreciate the weather as being damn near perfect. Here he is at the Cesar […]



woogz definitely put a hurtin’ on this spot. These are just a few of about 7 tricks he did over this rail.


Arizona is a dusty state.

I’m new to the southwest. It’s a dusty place. It’s also beautiful…so it’s a pretty fair trade off. Above there are two images. One is a “white” piece of paper. The exposure has been pushed pretty heavily in a multitude of directions to display the disgusting state my camera’s sensor is in before cleaning. The […]